Archos Smart Home Starter Pack (502660E)

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Archos Smart Home Starter Pack (502660E)
The screen on the Smart Home Tablet makes it a connected home gateway like no other. Allowing for easy pairing of your objects and configuring of your smart home. It includes an onboard temperature and humidity sensor to help take control of your home. The Smart Home Tablet is a full on 7 inch Android tablet running Jelly Bean and comes with access to the Google Play store and all your favorite apps as well as internet, email music and more. With its line out and access to all online music streaming applications the ARCHOS Smart Home Tablet can plug into your home stereo to be your online music system. The ARCHOS Smart Home Tablet includes the Android Daydream feature for interactive screensavers. Link to your photos for an online photoframe, weather apps for weather when you need it, or News Republic for your tailor-made news streams scrolling when you want them. Thanks to the ARCHOS Media Applications, you can turn your Smart Home Tablet into your home file server. Expand its storage with a micro SD card or USB hard drive and share all your videos, music and photos over wifi with your other devices.

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